Cougars In Westport.Others think of the nations biggest, deer-stalking pet.

Cougars In Westport.Others think of the nations biggest, deer-stalking pet.

For some Westporters, the term cougar conjures up artwork of Benjamin Braddock and Mrs. Robinson.

Others consider the nations prominent, deer-stalking pet.

That cougar as soon as the most extensively delivered area mammal when you look at the american Hemisphere, today an endangered specie will be the one Westport is worried with today.

Information 12 is carrying an account about sightings in Westport and Cos Cob. (They refer to it as a mountain lion; based on the me seafood & creatures solution, cougar, mountain lion and puma all reference exactly the same animal.)

Cougars don’t have any natural foes. Eastern cougars major victim contains white-tailed deer, porcupines and various other smaller animals.

Keep the animals in during the night!

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When we lived in Litchfield Co. I noticed a mountain lion on the winding nation street near mid-night one-night. I asked a neighbor (convinced shed laugh at myself) and she mentioned,Oh, yes, Ive observed that mountain lion! Often there is conflict over whether they actually are around. There is no mistaking them, though. They have that long vacuum cleaner end, and they are not so spooked by group at all, indeed, the one I spotted simply seemed annoyed during the auto headlights but didn’t hurry to get out for the way. I would personallynt question as long as they located a means to stay all through CT, for the woods, etc.

Its incredible what comes into our backyards at nightWe must more aware. In Cos Cob that evening, my spouce and i saw a mountain lion. Although the paths we located 24 hours later were inconclusive, these were big and there. I have talked with various wild lifetime group and also the cat keeper in the beardsley zoo. They have all told me it is totally possible. We understand certainly, We spotted they. Very cool.

We spend a lot of time from inside the south Berkshires, close to the Litchfield state line. One day I found myself sitting on the porch when an extended feline animal surfaced from the large lawn using one section of the garage, paused in the middle of the driveway, took a review of me personally (about 200 yards aside, thank Jesus) and then proceeded on their way to the lawn on the other side. It was gorgeous!!

We go on pet Rock Rd right behind Bible St. To people exactly who dont understand the aria, its a greatly wooded with many rocky mountains with many space where a huge cat can go unnoticed. We have seen the top pet 3 x in the last 6 age. There is called animal control a couple of times and then be brushed down & are advised there are not any hill lions in CT. The hill lion generally seems to roam & will go unseen for a while. Whenever he or she is within the area, the deer fade away.

The cougar keeps a teritory of 100 square kilometers

One located in Cos Cob is very UNLIKELY as it would have to go through Stamford, Bridgeport, an such like to get to the forests

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